Selling to Give is a residential real estate firm based in the Triangle Area of NC.


CULTURE Represents WHO we are.  It informs and influences our VALUES and everything we do.  This is Selling to Give's Cultural DNA

S ignificance Above Success:  Success asks, how can I add value to myself while significance asks, how can I add value to others.  Our joy comes from helping others succeed.

E xceed Expectations:  We strive to go above and beyond what others expect through hard work and consistency to create a memorable experience for all our clients.

L isten:  Listening is a powerful communication tool that allows us the ability to connect with those we serve.  By asking questions & being still, we come to understand their goals.

L ead & Lift Others:  Through authenticity and integrity we encourage & guide others throughout their real estate journey using our knowledge, experience, and relationships.

I ntegrity:  Integrity is the foundation for lasting impact.  We believe in doing the right thing in the right way for the right reason every time.

N urture Relationships:  We come alongside others to serve as their partner & their advocate.  We demonstrate genuine care, help, and trust through regular communication, expert information, and a purposeful plan.

G od, Family, Business:  Priorities are a reflection of what is most important to us and our priorities are God, family, business in that order.

T rustworthy:  We want to be transparent and speak the truth in all our interactions.  To say what we mean and mean what we say so that our partners know they can count on us.

O thers Centric:  We strive to truly connect with others to discover their goals and needs and then develop a plan to help them accomplish their goals.  Our success comes through their success.

G iving First:  We believe in a giving first mindset versus a profit first approach.  We want to come from contribution by focusing on providing items of value to our partners, not on how many homes we sell.

I ntentional:  We set a daily course of action that allows us to remain consistent in character, our beliefs, our values, and our attitude as we serve our people.

V alue Everyone:  We show forth importance, worth, and high regard for each person we interact with on a daily basis.

E ducators:  We recognize that each person's story and goals are unique so we customize the information we provide to each individual which leads to peace, clarity, and informed decisions.

David Williams, Selling to Give's co-founder & Broker in Charge is a Cary NC native & lifelong resident of the Triangle Area.  Since 1997 David has been partnering with home buyers & sellers to accomplish their goals through his expert advice.  Whether it's construction knowledge that his father taught him, insight into the area as a lifelong resident, exercising his skills as an instructor or simply drawing from his vas experience in residential real estate David is always looking for ways to share information with his clients.



Selling to Give as Your Partner When Buying a Home

When you choose a Selling to Give Realtor to represent you as a buyers agent we start by getting to know you, whats important to you, what your goals are in purchasing a home and provide you with the necessary information so you can make an educated & informed decision.  We call this our Buyer First Step Consultation...this is a no cost, no obligation & no pressure meeting that usually lasts about an hour to an hour and a half.  We can meet in person or virtually via online video.



What to Expect

  • We will never try to pressure you or "sell" you a home
  • We believe there are no perfect homes and are therefore able to provide a pro/con list with any home
  • In depth market research so you will know whats happening in both the overall market & your specific market price point and area
  • We will answer questions you may not even know to ask
  • We stand beside you as a true partner every step of the way
  • Our 200+ action item project management style approach ensures a smooth contract to close process keeping you informed each step of the way

Selling to Give as Your Partner When Selling Your Home

At Selling to Give we believe that selling your home is not the actual goal, rather its an obstacle to your goal, we work with you to understand that selling your home will allow you to <insert your specific goal here>, then we build a strategic plan to accomplish your goal by removing the obstacle of selling your home.  Over the years we have found there are many different goals that a seller may have, each situation is unique so there is no one plan fits all.  We call this our Seller First Step Consultation...this is a no cost, no obligation & no pressure meeting that usually last 1-2 hours.  We can meet in person at our office or virtually via online video.

What's Most Important to You...

Each of these 4 options below trigger a different strategic plan and approach.  We will tailor our marketing & seller representation plan for you based on how you rank these:

  • Selling Your Home for the Greatest Net Profit
  • Selling Your Home in a Specific Time Frame
  • Making it Super Easy & Stress Free
  • Selling Your Home Immediately for Cash



What to Expect

  • A Mindset that it's your home & always your decision.  We provide you with the details so you can make great decisions
  • A comprehensive understanding of what selling your home will position you to do
  • A plan that focuses on what's most important to you
  • Seller Net Worksheet providing you with your net cash after closing so there are no hidden or unexpected fees
  • Staging Consultation service prior to marketing
  • Pre-Market Home Inspection
  • Licensed appraiser to measure your home & create a detailed floor plan for marketing
  • Professional Photography
  • A "Coming Soon" Pre-Market Campaign to build interest before showings begin
  • Social Media campaign advertising your home
  • Launch Weekend Open House
  • Weekly Seller Updates
  • Full Time Admin & Marketing Staff
  • Expert Offer review and negotiation strategies
  • Project Management style approach coaching you along the way contract to close